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Located in Terrebonne, Solarium de Paris conceives solarium models that are light and easy to install.

Our solarium is made of an aluminium structure and polymer panels that are treated against UV rays. A sliding door and screen kits are included in the kit. A standard solarium is delivered with both polymer color; the roof panels come in charcoal and the side and facade come in the smoke color.

Solarium de Paris has conceived an easy installation concept : Ready to put up! Included in all of our solarium, our pieces are pre-pierced, pre-numbered and pre-wrapped. To all of that, you can add a spatula and a sealant as well.

So, do not worry, 80% of our customers put it up themselves. Further more, a seminar is offered, free of charge so you can learn the right way to put it up and make it easier for you.

Aluminium structure

Our solarium structure is manufactured from various aluminium extrusions designed and created exclusively for our range of products.

Our solarium structure is light and the solarium can be installed directly on your balcony or your patio made of wood or concreate. Opposite of tradionnal glass solarium, Solarium de Paris doesn't need any particular foundation, only a leveled surface.

Unlike glass solariums, you do not need a foundation. A wooden balcony may be sufficient quite simply.

  • Aluminium 6063 T5
  • Durable electrostatic paint Duracon
  • Solid & green

Flexible polymer

We make our polymer, we guarantee our polymer. We extrud our polymer from a granula especially developped for our solariums. This technology, unique to Solarium de Paris, allows us to always have control on the quality of the additive included in the formulation. Each window is hand made and covered with a prorata 10 year guarantee. They are available in clear smoke or dark charcoal.

It is fireproof and treated against UV rays. Further more, it is equip with a memory which gives it the possibility to regain its original shape following a pressure for a short or a long time. It can resist a temperature up to -34 °C! It holds up a 490pds/in2 load with a 390% stretching capacity.

Available options

To complete it all, it is possible for you to benefit from all of the following options when you buy your solarium.

  • Single door
  • Double door
  • Removable window

Accessories and product

  • Modified color shades windows
  • Cleaning accessories
  • Grease remover for aluminium
  • Polymer cleaner

Technical details

  • Aluminium 6063 T5
  • Duracon baked enamel paint


  • Certified test ASTM D368
    Stretching : + 390%
  • Certified test ASTM D624
    Resistance : + 490 lbs/sq.in.
  • Certified test ASTM D638
    Mechanical tension 1680 psi
  • Certified test ASTM D746
    Thermal resistance -34 °C
  • Treated against mold
  • Fireproof
  • Warranty pro-rata of 10 years

Available colors

  • Aluminium
    • White
    • Sand
  • Polymer
    • Clear Smoke
    • Dark Charcoal



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